Laws & Ethics

The majority of items offered for sale on this website are of antique age, from an era when hunting was a national sport and a popular past-time. Human views on both animals and wildlife were very different during this period. The Victorian and Edwardian eras were considered the great age of taxidermy, ruled by an animal loving Queen, the British were fascinated by animals of all varieties. The expansion of the empire and development of travel brought access to whole new worlds of flora and fauna, with amateur and professional naturalists touring the globe in search of new species. As a result, zoos and natural history museums opened to the public, and having taxidermy in the home was no more peculiar than hanging pictures on the wall.

Most of the items published for sale are classed as antique and pre-date any conservation laws introduced for the specific species. All endangered species deriving after the 1947 ruling are sold in full compliance with CITES, Defra and other regulations, accompanied with Article 10 certificates and further licences where necessary. All other specimens are sold with the relevant paperwork where required.

Taxidermy Jungle strongly disagrees with any type of modern day hunting or poaching, we are keen supporters and contributors of many animal rights charities, especially the work of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). We believe antique taxidermy should be appreciated for its natural beauty, historical values, artistry and studies.