Taxidermy Baboon Skin


Highly unusual African Baboon trophy, presented as a full skin rug with head mount. This late-Victorian example is complete, undamaged and moderately sized. The fur holds an excellent natural colour with thick hair throughout. The body has been neatly mounted with equal proportions and each of the paws are set in the manner of Rowland Ward, showing pads and fingernails. The modelling of the head is skilfully rendered and posed in a classic open-mouthed snarl. Original glass eyes and fine hairs remain across the muzzle, with both ears intact. The mouth’s interior consists of plaster modelling with naturalistic paintwork and a full set of real teeth. One lower canine shows natural heavy wear and minor cracking to the lower gum has been repaired. The skin is mounted to a complete black felt backing, overlapping to create a border with traditional scalloped fringe. The material may be a period-replacement, covering the original canvas.

Log: 110                                                                                           Date: c1900                                                                                Length 157cm Width 140cm

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