Taxidermy Elephant Skin Table by Edward Gerrard


Highly uncommon, finely presented Edwardian side table by Edward Gerrard & Sons of Camden Town, London. Featuring taxidermy Elephant skin top and bearing an ivorine tab to the underside. The thick rectangular shaped skin which is beneath glass, has been heated and pressed, then planed and polished to reveal an amber-like texture and colour. Showing detailed, translucent views of the tissue and vessels. The table is complete and original, standing on four square tapering legs with zebra wood cross banding to the top, sides and under shelf. Edward Gerrard and Rowland Ward were both renowned for their animal-themed furniture, it featuring heavily in their advertisements of the period. This model of skin-topped table was an early innovation, later superseded with the skins of zebra and antelope.

Log: 167                                                                                         Date: c1900-10                                                                            Height 75cm Width 78.5cm Depth 49cm

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