Taxidermy Elephant Skin Table by Rowland Ward


Unique, Pre-WWI, Elephant skin topped, bamboo table by the celebrated British taxidermist Rowland Ward of London. The large skin, probably an ear and shaped as the African continent, remains complete and in original condition with excellent patina. Set on a handmade, well-built frame with three sturdy legs in Rowland Ward’s trademark bamboo. The lower tier is covered in the original woven baize and edged with cut bamboo, polished and intact. The underside carries an ivorine tab inscribed for ‘Rowland Ward Ltd, 167 Piccadilly, W’. Also bearing the stamped serial number 810 and dated 26-8-12. A rare antique example of Ward’s innovative, ornamental “Wardian” furniture.

Log: 165                                                                                         Date: 1912                                                                                   Height 73cm Width 69cm

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