Taxidermy Fox Skin by Rowland Ward


Fine quality Red Fox skin with mounted head by Rowland Ward of London. An unusual example of its type, having been prepared in the trophy-rug style of much larger mammals. The skin remains in an immaculate and fully original state, the fur holds a natural golden hue and is dense throughout. The tail is complete along with the full set of claws. The head is finely modelled showing a wide open-mouthed snarl, bearing all teeth, detailed tongue and the original painted mouth interior. Inset with glass eyes, whiskers and both of the ears are complete. The skin is mounted to the original waxed canvas lining which remains unblemished and carries brass rings for wall display. A fabric trade label is stitched to the underside: The Jungle, Trade Mark, Rowland Ward Ltd, 167 Piccadilly London. Acquired directly from a family descendant who’s grandfather travelled extensively throughout the 1920s and 30s.

Log: 118                                                                                          Date: c1930                                                                                Length 147cm Width 100cm

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