Taxidermy Gazelle Heads by Rowland Ward


Fine matching pair of Thompson’s Gazelle trophies. Both taken in British East Africa in 1909, one month apart and mounted by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London. These pre-war mounts are well executed and gracefully posed in forward attitudes with closed mouths and inset glass eyes. The capes of fur are full and lightly coloured, the ears are firm and intact. Both sets of horns are undamaged with a polished surface, their length 34cm and width 10cm respectively. The wooden boards to the rear of each mount carries an ivorine plaque, one for ‘Pesi River, Feb 24th 1909’ and the other ‘Athi Plains, Mar 12th 1909’. Both shot by Mr C.M. Esq. The wooden backs also bear matching painted job numbers 2130 and the early-style, small paper trade labels for ‘The Jungle, Trade Mark, Rowland Ward..’. Each have a sturdy metal loop for wall hanging.

Log: 145                                                                                         Age: 1909                                                                          Dimensions: Depth 32cm Horns 34cm x 10cm

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