Taxidermy Hartebeest Skull by Edward Gerrard


Fine pair of African Hartebeest horns with part skull, mounted by the noted London taxidermists Edward Gerrard & Sons. A large specimen of natural form, the skull is complete and undamaged with a painted and polished surface. All of the teeth are intact, the horns remain in excellent condition with a natural shine. Measuring tip to tip 21cm and widest point 28cm. The skull is fixed to the original oak shield by a wooden block and wire, the front bearing inscription ‘Northern Territories, Gold Coast, 1929’. The shield reverse carries the paper trade label for ‘Edward Gerrard & Sons, Natural History Studios, 61 College Place, Camden Town London N.W.1’. Also with painted detail Hartebeest and job number A7075.

Log: 129                                                                                          Age: 1929                                                                           Dimensions: Depth 24cm Shield 53cm x 23cm

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