Taxidermy Jungle Cat Skin by Van Ingen


Scarce and fine example of an Indian Jungle Cat, with mounted head in typical trophy form, artistically preserved by Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore. Shot by a relative of the previous owner in 1946 whilst stationed in India during the War. The skin retains its thick, supple pelt with a full natural colour, quaintly sized and well proportioned. 16 claws are present overall and the tail remains complete, there is a small irregularity to the fur on the left shoulder – a factory stitch. The head is finely modelled with the mouth partially open and ears alert, the painted glass eyes show some fading to the pupils. The fine whiskers are still in place and the mouth remains in excellent original condition with the complete set of teeth and modelled tongue. The skin is mounted to a khaki-coloured cotton backing and dark-brown scalloped edge, both undamaged. The underside carries the stencilled VanIngen & VanIngen Mysore logo with a paper label detailing care procedures. The serial number 32269 inscribed beneath the head gives an accurate date of early-1946 in accordance with the factory records. A rare trophy skin of the highest grade and probably one of a very small number still extant bearing the Van Ingen name.

Log: 115                                                                                          Date: 1946                                                                                  Length 98cm Width 85cm

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