Taxidermy Leopard Head by Van Ingen


Finely modelled Indian Leopard head preserved by Van Ingen of Mysore, a name synonymous with the highest quality taxidermy during the early 20th century and beyond. The Leopard, with its turned neck and snarling jaw, bears all of the style traits for which the Van Ingen firm was renowned. Remaining in an excellent original state; well furred, clean and with ears complete. The full set of whiskers are in place, along with hand painted glass eyes and detailed mouth interior, undamaged and bearing all teeth. The head is set upon its original oversized shield with a desirable, high polished teak finish. The shield back carries impressed marks ‘Van Ingen Mysore’ along with taxidermists signature and serial number 22735, corresponding with the year 1936 (first quarter).

Provenance: The finished trophy was sent from India to N. Ireland, where it has remained for 80 years. Owned by the Moorehead family of Co. Down, the Leopard reputedly attacked Mr Moorehead’s son whilst they were on shikar. The trophy was gifted to the family’s chauffeur in the 1950s.

Log: 166                                                                                         Date: 1936                                                                                   Depth 35cm Shield 62cm x 52cm

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