Taxidermy Leopard Skin by Kalloo & Sons


Superb Leopard skin trophy, representing the pinnacle of its period, shot in 1933 by William Thomas Blackall of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 2nd Battalion and mounted by the Indian taxidermists Kalloo & Sons. A large, premium quality, original specimen, seldom seen with such artistry and fine state of preservation. As a result of being stored away from sunlight for much of its later life, the fur holds a deep natural colouration, remaining supple and thick, there are no damages, splits or old repairs whatsoever across the body and tail. The paws are complete with all eighteen claws and the tail is soft and full. The head has been finely modelled and artistically set-up with a deeply grooved snarling effect, colourful painted glass eyes, original whiskers and a detailed mouth interior. The full set of teeth are intact, with naturalistic plaster painted gums. The fur coverage across the head and neck is full and both ears are undamaged. The skin is mounted to the original khaki coloured backing cloth with stitched hanging loops and finished with a dark scalloped felt fringe, complete and unsoiled.

It was recorded in Blackall’s notes held by his granddaughter, from whom the skin was acquired, that the Leopard targeted village livestock and once shot the pelt was dispatched to Bijnor for mounting – a district in the north of the country occupied by the skilled firm of Kalloo & Sons. Blackall’s regiment were stationed on the North West Frontier between the wars and returned to England in July 1940.

The skin is accompanied with a pair of framed prints, showing Blackall posing with his rifle after the kill in 1933, together with a group photograph of his regiment, the 2nd Btn. Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, India, Christmas Day 1937.

Log: 128                                                                                          Date: 1933                                                                                  Length 228cm Width 153cm

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