Taxidermy Leopard Skin by Rowland Ward


Fine early 20th century Indian Leopard skin trophy by Rowland Ward of London. Presented as a rug, the skin remains beautifully marked with supple fur throughout, there is minor fading and wear to the edges commensurate for an item of this age and originality. The tail and limbs are complete and most of the claws remain. The head is raised and expertly modelled with the typical stylised snarling attitude, the lips having been drawn upward and back to exaggerate the snarling impression. The mouth’s interior bears a full set of teeth and highly detailed paintwork with the original sheen finish. Set with colourful glass eyes and good fur coverage remains across the head and neck, both ears are intact with the tips previously repaired. The skin is mounted upon a padded cloth backing and is finished with a dark blue scalloped felt border, original and complete. The underside carries a fabric trade label ‘The Jungle Rowland Ward Ltd, 167 Piccadilly London’. A superb historical example by one of the worlds most noted and accomplished taxidermists.

Log: 077                                                                                           Date: c1930                                                                                Length 231cm Width 157cm

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