Taxidermy Lion Cub by Rowland Ward


Rare full-body Lion cub by Rowland Ward Ltd of Piccadilly London. Mounted standing on all fours, the head slightly turned and the tail curling around its right side. Remaining in original condition, the fur with signs of ageing but retains subtle colouration throughout and all claws remain intact. The tail with minor damage at the join of the body. The head is realistically modelled with a curious expression, the mouth closed and original paint still remains on the nose. Both original glass eyes are also intact. Fur coverage across the head is good, the left ear with minor loss. The Lion is mounted to the original base with a textured naturalistic finish. Circular ivorine disc label inscribed ‘Rowland Ward Ld. 167, Piccadilly London’. The underneath also with paper trade label ‘Rowland Ward Ltd, Naturalists & Taxidermists, The Jungle, 166 Piccadilly, London, W.1’ and handwritten ‘RW’. A rare oddity from the Edwardian era.

Log: 053                                                                                           Date: c1920                                                                                 Height 17cm Length 27cm

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