Taxidermy Lion Skin by Rowland Ward


Remarkable 1920s African hunting trophy in the form of a large male Lion skin, mounted by the prestigious Rowland Ward Ltd of London. The head is raised from the skin and boasts highly detailed facial modelling for which the company was renowned. Posed in an animated expression with a wide open-mouthed snarl, displaying the plaster tongue and a complete set of teeth, both upper incisors show some partial wear. The head is set with colourful glass eyes and the ears remain intact. The mane is thick and complete, fading into a darker colouration along the spine. The skin is of large proportions, supple and a good natural colour remains. 16 of the original 18 claws are still in place. Areas mostly confined to the outer-body show some natural scars and marks, all consistent and acceptable for an item of this period. Partially rubbed facial areas have been later retouched in-keeping with its original form. The skin is mounted upon the original dark cloth lining and edged with a navy blue scalloped felt surround. Faint inscriptions including serial number 10489 and R.W initials are marked to the wooden base of the head. An especially well presented trophy from the heyday of Rowland Wards taxidermy operation.

Log: 095                                                                                           Date: c1920                                                                                Length 288cm Width 218cm

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