Taxidermy Marabou Stork Head


Rare and peculiar example of an African Marabou Stork, shield mounted as a head trophy. The well-modelled and prehistoric looking head is turned slightly to its right and set with glass eyes. Having an undamaged bill, prominent pink gullet and feathered neck ruff. The head and neck are firmly mounted upon a period antique shield, bearing an impressed museum number 76 to the front and a wall hanging bracket to the reverse.

The Marabou Stork, sometimes referred to as ‘the undertaker bird’ is a large wader that breeds south of the Sahara. It is a scavenger which eats mainly carrion, though is known to prey upon flamingos. Characterised by their bare heads, huge bills, pink gular sacs and large wingspan.

An unusual curiosity.

Log: 168                                                                                         Date: Mid 20th C                                                                          Depth 32cm Shield 53cm x 27.5cm

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