Taxidermy Peregrine Falcon by Rowland Ward


Important, museum-quality ornithological display of a Peregrine Falcon of Scottish origin, mounted by Rowland Ward, London. This large and impressive bird is well executed and superbly modelled with its wings raised and head turned. Inset with glass eyes and detailed painted beak and talons. The feather plumage remains full and naturally coloured. A partly severed rabbit lies as the prey victim with simulated blood, lying upon a naturalistic, undulating earth base incorporating coloured vegetation. The display is housed in its original and unopened case, glazed on all five sides and desirably framed with polished bamboo, a trade mark of Rowland Ward’s finest work. The inside of the front glass bears a gold etching The Jungle, Trade Mark, Rowland Ward F.Z.S, 166 Piccadilly. The base also carries a named sticker ‘McCorquodale’, a Scottish surname of title.

A hand written letter of provenance and two original photographs are supplied with the case. The note details the following. ‘The first owner as far as I believe was William Green who was a game keeper on the Blairfindy Estate. Later on in life he became head game keeper on the Tulchan Estate in Advie near Grantown for many years. He died in 1941 still working at 69 years of age. William’s wife passed on this bird for keeps to my father John Munro who died in 1957 also 69 years of age, so this gift has been in my possession since. I would estimate that this beautiful bird would be about 100 or nearly. My father John Munro was a game keeper and a fishing ghillie on Tulchan Estate’. The photographs depict John Munro stood proudly beside his Austin Six near the river Spey, and his young daughters, one of whom has been in possession of the bird for the last 61 years and wrote the above letter.

Log: 135                                                                                          Date: c1900-20                                                                            Height 59cm Width 56cm Depth 36cm

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