Taxidermy Pet Lizard by Rowland Ward


“Lizzie” the Algerian Spiny-tailed Lizard (Uromastyx) was caught in Biskra, Algeria during 1911 and remarkably, for five years led a domesticated life as a household pet in Southsea, England when upon her death in 1916 she was mounted by the prestigious Rowland Ward of London. The taxidermy is of the highest standard with a superbly lifelike pose and fine attention to detail. The tail and limbs are complete and with claws intact, one toe from a front and rear foot are no longer. The head is turned and inset with glass eyes, modelled with a closed mouth and wrinkled skin. Lizzie is mounted to the original, naturalistically textured and coloured base, the non-facing side is engraved with R.W initials. A paper trade label is applied to the underside “The Jungle” Trade Mark, Rowland Ward, 167 Piccadilly London. With pencil serial number 9592 and handwritten provenance “Lizzie” Caught at Biskra March 25th 1911. Died at Southsea March 31st 1916. A fantastic oddity of the early 1900s, its preservation giving an insight to the affection shown by its owners.

Log: 126                                                                                          Age: 1916                                                                           Dimensions: Length 25cm Width 12.5cm Height 7.5cm

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