Taxidermy Polar Bear Skin by Hudson’s Bay Co


Impressive Polar Bear skin rug with head, mounted by Hudson’s Bay Fur Co. of Montreal Canada in 1964. The skin is of substantial size and symmetrically proportioned, the paws are stuffed and each carries the full set of claws. The fur is thick and supple, with some thinning to the underbelly although undamaged. A sheen remains across the fur and the tail is complete. The head is finely mounted in a naturalistic open-mouthed expression with glass eyes and a well-modelled mouth, realistic tongue and full set of teeth. Both of the ears are undamaged. The skin is mounted to the original blue-felted backing with a scalloped edge, the underside is complete although with a tear to one side. Provenance: Acquired directly from the original owner who, during 1964 worked as a radar engineer at the Mid-Canada Line Site 410 which is located at Cape Jones, on the junction of the Hudson and James Bays. Site 410 has been dormant since 1965. The Bear was tracked and taken by a local Indian hunting party by request, delivered to the Site by Inuit’s and sent by helicopter to Montreal for mounting. The sale includes the original Export permit from the Province of Quebec’s department of fish and game, dated 10th October 1964.

Log: 119                                                                                          Date: 1964                                                                                  Length 205cm Width 225cm

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